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What is Converse?

A platform that measures offline audience sentiment and deliver personalised impactful action in real time.

What is it trying to solve?

1. To increase leads generated during offline events.

2. Deliver measurable audience participation.

New scalable journey 

Stitching user's online journey to a real-time live event (offline) audience sentiment.

  • Lead Generation - Understand customer journey, reach out to audiences in different channels, and drive the optimal results for marketing spend.

  • Experience - Designing, integrating, and optimizing both online and offline marketing activities so that the user has a seamless and memorable experience.

  • Measurement - Generate meaningful ROI from your offline event marketing efforts.

Online to offline event

Live event online interactions

Event Day - Registration. Upon registration, every attendee will receive their conference card with their personal details and a link to the live event experience.


Live event page


Content details


In-session interactions


HK 2018, SG + AUS 2019

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